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Hey y’all!!! After a few months of website issues we are now back online!!! It will take some time to get our site back in order the way we like it, but we’ve at least got all of our old posts up……some might not be in the right order by date, but darn it, they’re there! 😉 Please be patient with us as we try to get caught up in adding back all of the information that we think you’ll enjoy.


BAD KIDS of 2010

These are some of our favorite Kid Pic’s taken in 2010. Bob is usually nicer to kids then to adults and is known to give Tootsie Rolls to the youngsters. This might seem like a nice thing for Bad Bob to be doing but in reality it turns out that this makes kids bug their parents to stop at the store when ever they drive by so its good business practice and builds a future customer base. Bad Bob’s Bend Store is kid smart and Bob’s almost as smart as some kids.


October Fishing on the Colorado at Bend has been a little slow this year but we have seen a few nice Catfish hauled in including a 30 plus pound Yellow Cat(above photo) and a 20 lb Channel Cat(below photo). We rarely see Channel’s that large but if you bait a jug line with live goldfish or perch good things happen. Some smaller cats were also caught with nightcrawlers, cut bait and livers doing the job well. With Deer season starting the fishing will have to take a back seat till January when the White Bass run but we have had reports of a few White’s caught already so we might be in for a great run this season. Local Predator Hunts have resulted in some good kills as their are some organized roundups in the area resulting in a few less coyote, fox and bobcats which is good news for farmers and ranchers. If you want to fish this fall and winter the Colorado State Park will be open weekends all through winter but they will be closing mid November during the week for deer hunts. Barefoot Fishing Camp and Sulpher Springs Camp close till the end of Deer Season starting on Oct. 31 but will reopen in January. If you plan on coming out to the area be sure to stop by Bad Bob’s Bend Store, We got Everything You Need……..Almost. Hope to see ya all soon and thanks for your interest.


Well the White Bass run is officially on in the Colorado River here at the Bend. The fact is the river is in great shape and fisherman have been catching their limits on Whites regularly. Some have reported catching the limit(25) in an hour or less, that’s about a fish every couple of minutes. What most have had good results with are minnows, plastic jigs, white, white/red, Chartreuse, Chartreuse/red, gray, white/gray have all been working well with spinners and without. Most of the whites are being caught at the Colorado Bend State Park but Sulpher Springs Camp also has had white’s caught and Barefoot Fishing Camp has also had a few reeled in. Lots of Catfish, both Blue’s and Channel have been caught this past week as well using cut bait, nightcrawlers and Big Marv’s Cheese bait. Nightcrawlers and minnows also have landed many Buffalo,Carp and Gaspergoo which are a lot of fun to reel in. All and all the fishing at the Bend has been EXCELLENT ! We have the photo’s to prove it as you can see and all these were caught this past week. So what ya waiting for, load up the truck with your gear, put it in gear and get on out here and if you forget something stop by Bad Bob’s Bend Store, we got everything you need ……..ALMOST ! Remember to bring your catch to the store for a photo shoot and we’ll feature you on the next report. This is the best bass run and river conditions in the past 4 or 5 years so don’t miss out and we hope to see you soon.
Thanks for your interest,