Wow, if you like Yellow Cats you need to get out to the Bend as its been a GREAT week for fishing here in the Colorado River. Lots of Yellow Cats being pulled in on live perch and goldfish. We also had reports of Gaspergoo, Gar and Carp active and being pulled in this week. White Bass are about done but had reports of a few still being caught at the Colorado Bend State Park. These Yellow Cats pictured here were all caught this week and there were a lot of smiling fisherman out at the Bend all week long.

Pictured above are a 44 lb.(top) 46 lb.(middle) and 3 other nice Yellows ranging from 26 to 12 pound in the photo at bottom. So what you waiting for, load up your fishing stuff, your fishing buddy, the kids and your main squeeze and head out to the Bend for some great outdoors fun. Stop by the our store while your here for a Bad Burger, Cold Drink and some story telling, Good times to be had and remember at Bad Bobs Bend Store we got everything you need…Almost!


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