BOOGIE AT THE BEND # 2 Spring Break 2014 March 7,8,9,14,15,16th

                    FRIDAY March 7th

                      7pm till 10pm

                   GUADALUPE PIRATES  

                            (Texas Country-Rock) 

                           SATURDAY March 8th
                                12 Noon  till 3pm
                          GUSTAVO RODRIGUEZ   
                       (Reggie-Rumba-Indie Latino)

                          SATURDAY March 8th
                            3:30pm  till  6:30pm
                                                   ERIC HISAW
                            (Alternative Country)

                            SATURDAY March 8th
                                  7pm  till  10pm
                               KINDRED SPIRITS

                             SUNDAY March 9th
                                1pm  till  3:30pm
                                 JIMMY DAVIS 
                             (Indie Folk-Country)

                              SUNDAY March 9th
                                    4pm till 7pm 

                             FRIDAY March 14th
                                  7pm till 10pm
                                    RARE DOG 
                             (Rockin Country Blues)

                           SATURDAY March 15th
                                12 Noon Till 3pm
                                   TOM HENRY
                             (Old School Country)

                           SATURDAY March 15th   
                              3:30pm  till  6:30pm
                      JAKE MARTIN & BILL LEWIS 

                           SATURDAY March 15th  
                                   7pm till 10pm
                             DEAD ARMADILLO’S 
                             (Alternative Country)

                            SUNDAY March 16th  
                                 1pm till 3:30pm
                      7 MILES OFF THE BLACKTOP 

SUNDAY March 16th 
4pm till 7pm

                 (Guitar Player of The TEJAS BROTHERS & GARY P. NUNN)


The 2nd BOOGIE AT THE BEND is gonna be a memorable event with a great line up of
musical talent performing at one of the most beautiful  places in Texas. Bad Bob’s Bend Store will be the place to be this Spring Break so don’t ya dare miss it. With the purchase of the Boogie At The Bend 2 Program you have a great chance to Win some great prizes including a Electric Guitar Starter Kit complete with guitar,amplifier,strap and more plus other prizes like Hohner Harmonica’s, Music CD’s, T-Shirts and Beer Promo items like Flag Streamers, Koozies and more. Programs a re $5.00 and Tickets are just $5.00 a Show. You can buy the ALL EVENT Ticket for $25.00 which includes a Free Program. Wine will be avalible from the Bends Local Winerys and also lots of Cold Beer And Drinks, Bad Burgers, Hot Dogs and BBQ. Don’t forget to bring a Lawn Chair, No Coolers, Outside Drink Or Food. We’ll be doing the BOOGIE at BAD BOB’S BEND STORE….COME JOIN US FOR THE PARTY!

Bad Bob’s Bend Store, Badd Productions and our Sponsor’s Not responsible for accidents, injury’s or stolen property… …………….Come at your own Risk.


                              AND MANY MORE


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