Fishing and Hunting Report

The Labor Day Weekend on the Colorado River was enjoyed by many visitors here at the Bend as they camped, fished, hiked and partied to celebrate the last summer holiday. It also brought out many dove hunters to the area as Dove Season officially opened. Reports here at the store included both success and failure on the fishing with more of the latter being most common. There were a few channel cats caught in the evening using cut bait and night crawlers but over all slow. The hunting on the other hand was much better as we had many reports of hunters getting their limit on doves including some nice fat White Tails. Rain in the area could make the dove hunting a little more difficult for the doves won’t have to come drink at stock tanks with puddles of water available. Now on the other hand the rain should bring on excellent fishing as the river has mucked up a bit and that is when the catfish get real active. So are report for fishing this week very good to excellent and there are still quite a few doves in the area as well. Good time for a getaway to the Bend for outdoors fun and if you come stop by Bad Bobs Bend Store for a Bad Burger or for what ever you forgot to bring because WE GOT EVERYTHING YOU NEED……ALMOST.
Thanks for your interest and hope to see you soon.


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