Fishing & Hunting Report

Well conditions certainly have changed here on the Colorado River with the rains we finally were blessed with this past weeks. The river came up before last weekend with a slow drop off producing some excellent fishing conditions that lasted till about last Sunday when it dropped off. That has changed now since additional rainfall brought a 8-10 foot rise to the river and now its starting to drop and that will mean EXCELLENT Fishing this coming weekend though next week. Reports of Blues, Channels and Yellows being caught with rod & reel and trot-lines have been numerous along with carp and even some white bass landed as well. Night Crawler, stink bait and cut bait on rod & reel seem to do a good job while perch,goldfish, cut bait and stink bait was working on trot-lines. Dove Hunters were also having good results as it seems the birds are staying in the area as their favorite foods and water is available. Take a look at some of these fine catches and remember there’s not a lot of fishing time left, come November the Camps and Park will be closed for deer season. So its best you Stop, Turnaround and Come On Down and don’t forget to stop by Bad Bobs Bend Store , We Got Everything You Need…..ALMOST.
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