Fishing & Hunting Report

Well the Bend area has been a little piece of heaven this past week as both fishermen and hunters had positive results and a real good time. The Catfish have been very active with a bunch of 12 -20 inch fish landed this pass week. This size is great eating and most were caught on night crawlers, cut bait and stink bait. Good results with both rod/reel and trot lines were reported. Trot lines baited with perch and goldfish saw good results. Also a few black bass were caught on spinners. Our photos this week feature some nice eating size Channel Cats and 1 happy angler. Overall the fishing here at the Bend is EXCELLENT right now. The Dove hunters also had big smiles on their faces as most hunters had good results with some shooting their limit or close to it. Early mornings and right before dark you can hear the shotguns a blasting. If you need to know more its best to just get your stuff loaded up in your truck and come on out to the Bend and have a try at it while both hunting and fishing are having such good results. Just remember to be careful if you travel through Lampasas Texas for it is a WELL KNOWN Speed Trap and we don’t want your trip spoiled by these revenue raising bandits. Oh Yea, if you forget something stop by Bad Bobs Bend Store because we got everything you need…..almost.
Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you soon.


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