The Bend area is much quieter this time of year as school is back in session and fewer visitors have been coming out to the Bend. Many fish are waiting to be caught here in the Colorado River and the few that have taking the time to give it a try have done pretty good. All 3 fishing spots(Colorado Bend State Park, Sulpher Springs Camp & Barefoot Fishing Camp) have had fish caught. Some large Yellow Cats were caught on trot lines baited with goldfish and perch while nice eating sized Channels and Blue Cats have been caught with nightcrawlers, shad, shrimp, livers or cut bait. The river is in good shape from recent rains and the fishing should get even better and stay that way through the fall. Speaking of Fall its is the hunting season and here at the Bend hunters have had a great start to the dove season as many birds have been shot, cleaned, cooked and eaten. Oh so good it is, just wish the state would bring the cost of license down to where more people could afford to go. A combo license cost double of what it should be and that is the reason less are being sold this year. Well that’s about all we have to report for now so we hope to see you soon and if thou need something while your here stop by Bad Bob’s Bend Store, We got everything you need..Almost.
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