Fishing Report

Fishing slowed up a bit last week but recent heavy rains up in Mason area(6+”) gave a nice rise to the Colorado River at Bend and now its on the way back down and clearing up nice so this Memorial Day Weekend though next week should see some real good fishing. Blues and Channels Cats will be hungry and night crawlers, cut bait, stink bait, shrimp or liver should do real well on trot lines or rod & reel. Yellow Cats should be active as well on live perch, goldfish or small carp. You can also expect action for carp, gaspergo, buffalo fish, gar and Black bass. Looks like some good fishing is in store so quit wishing and come fishing here at the Bend. Remember if you catch some fish stop by Bad Bob’s Bend Store for a photo shoot and be featured on our next fishing post. As always if you need some supplies or bait come by the store because we got everything you need……Almost! Hope to see you soon.

Happy Memorial Day to all. Please save some time to remember the American’s that died in the past to protect this once great country which once stood united and proud before it was taken over by organized crime doing business under the name of Corporate America. The many that gave their life’s would be horrified to see that what they fought against is now happening here. Its up to us to change America back to for the people by the people again, lets do away with representation(elected officials) who our owed by these corporate thugs and all voting on EVERYTHING done by us, the people. Change needs to come soon so lets just tell them they are FIRED and to go out and work for a living like the rest of us do.


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