Bend Texas is the place to be if you want some good outdoor fun, this past week was about the end of the White Bass Run so that’s the Bad News, The Good News is the catfish fishing is EXCELLENT. Colorado Bend State Park, Barefoot Fishing Camp and Sulpher Springs Camp have all been hot spots for catfish. Yellow, Blue and Channel Cats have been the catch this past week and should continue through the rest of this spring. Yellows reported hitting on perch and goldfish, blues and channels on minnows, night crawlers, cut bait and stink bait with Big Marv’s Cheese Bait mentioned several times as the ticket for success. We have also seen a bunch of gaspergoo, carp and gar being caught. Trot Line fisherman beware of turtles and gar stealing your bait and campers need not leave anything out for the raccoons, they don’t wear those masks for nothing, they will steal whatever food or bait you leave out, but heck that’s half the fun you know. Well to close this fishing report we say EXCELLENT Catfish fishing at the Bend this week so QUIT WISHING and GO FISHING and if you catch anything stop by Bad Bob’s Bend Store for a photo shoot and we’ll feature you on our next post. If you forget something don’t worry the store has everything you need….ALMOST . Hope to see you soon and thanks for visiting our web-site.


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