Last weeks rainfall has brought the Colorado River level up about 3 feet and the water is clearing up and the fishing conditions should be very good this next week. The Colorado Bend State Park has reported that the White Bass have slowed a bit but we have seen some good catch’s brought by Bad Bob;s Bend Store this week. The Whites are hitting minnows and plastic & hair jiggs(white, white/red, chartreuse, chartreuse/red, and grey) have still been working the best. The same bait has been working for crappie as well though we have seen just a few of them here at the store. The Catfish are starting to become very active and we have had more and more fisherman going after them this past week. Yellows, Blues and Channel Cats have been hauled in this past week with live goldfish and perch working well for the Yellows on trot lines while nightcrawlers, minnows stink bait and cut bait have woked well for the blues and channel cats. Trot line fisherman report turtles and gar have been stealing a lot of bait so night time baiting might be a good idea. Well all in all it looks like very good fishing here at the Bend this coming week so quit wishing and come on out and do some fishing and if you forget something stop by bad Bob’s bend Store in Downtown Bend because we got everything you need….Almost! Hope to see you soon and thanks for checking out our site.


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