Fishing Report

The Colorado River at Bend is a great place to come fish but the river level has been low in the Bend area. Some much needed rainfall was received early Thursday morning (almost an inch) and a little more Friday afternoon so that with the rainfall north in Junction and Brownwood areas should help give the river a little rise. Last week reports of slow fishing continued but carp and gaspergoo(Buffalo Fish) were biting and their always fun to hook up with. Many visitors reporting the fish jumping in the water and most likly it was carp or gaspergoo they were seeing. Local Michael landed a nice carp as you can see in the photo, nightcrawlers was the bait he was using. Catfish have been slow but the rain might get them biting as August is usually the month they start being the main event out here in the river with lots of nice ones landed every year. Nightcrawlers and shrimp have been working as of late and Bad Bobs Bend Store have them and all your other fishing and camping supply needs plus everything else you need….Almost, so come on out to the Bend for some fun and if you catch a fish stop by the store for a photo, you just might end up in next weeks fishing report. Thanks for your interest;


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