The Colorado River is very low and with the White Bass run about done you would think the fishing would not be too good but SURPRISE !! Yes fish are being caught as the ones in these photo’s prove. Good reports from the Colorado Bend State Park for White Bass have been slim but there have been some still being caught on minnows and light weight jiggs grey or white mostly. Now the catfish have started getting very active and we’ve seen Yellows, Blues and Channel at the store including a 42 lb fish. Now cut bait, minnows, night crawlers and stink bait have been working well but for the big Yellows you will need a trot line baited with perch or goldfish. It should only get better in May (it usually does) and if we get some rain it might be FANTASTIC!! What ya waiting for? Stop wishing and come on out Fishing at the Bend and don’t forget to stop at Bad Bob’s Bend Store….We got Everything you need ….Almost! Hope to be taking your picture soon.
Thanks for your interest,
Bad Bob


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