Bend Texas, place many memory’s are born. This year is no different as the hunters and fishermen have had great success, November 2009 will be one to remember. There have been quite a few success stories being reported at the store these past few weeks. Deer hunters have harvested some fine deer with a lot of meat on them as there is much good grazing in the area at this time. Doe tags seem to be getting used first by many hunters as they still waiting for that trophy buck to put their tags on. Many more deer will be taken yet this season but deer are not the only thing to put in the cross hairs around the Bend. The wild hogs are also a favorite of Texas hunters and there are thousands of them in the brush country and pastures here in the Bend area. WE will try and have more photos for you on our next post but we have some good ones this time as you can see.
Well what about the fishing? Well its SWELL and has been very good all month. We have had less fisherman but the ones that come do well. Catfish, white bass, carp and crappie have been doing well, catfish on cut bait while Rappola’s, Lil Fishes and Roadrunners have caught more then a few bass and crappie already. This should be one of the best spawn runs in recent years so get ready. Some nice photos whites,crappie, yellow cat and the kids caught the nice blue cat and carp on a bag of frozen minnows from Bad Bobs Bend Store, stop on by for a Bad Burger or whatever else you need because we got everything you need…..Almost! Don’t forget to e-mail your hunting and fishing photos to us at or stop by for a Bad photo shoot. Thanks for your interest and hope we see ya all soon.


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