Merry Christmas From Bad Bobs Bend Store

This is a special time of year and these hard times we are facing make it difficult to celebrate the special holiday of Christmas the way we may be used to. That is why this Christmas might turn out to be one that will always be remembered for hard times bring people closer together. Bad Bob suggests shopping on line when possible on e-bay, and others such sites purchasing items from individuals and smaller company’s when ever possible. Also shopping at small local business’s should be a goal over buying from the Walmart’s, Target’s and other big box stores. These huge corporations are the ones that have gotten our country in this mess we face so lets start changing are buying habits and change things. This small step will be a real good start at a chance to return this country to what it was created for, freedom and equal rights for all! Lets take control of this country away from these corporate criminals and give it back to the people. I think were all weary from these corporations that are protected by laws their bought off politicians have changed or created making their criminal practices legal. If we all work together we can make it happen, so lets start now!

Bad Bob, Sharon, Michael and the rest of the Bad Bobs Bend Store Family wish you a blessed and Merry Christmas, a very Happy New Year and hope of a better future for all in 2010.


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