We Saw a nice start to deer season here at the Bend and the fishing wasn’t to bad either, here are some photo’s of stuff brought to Bad Bob’s Bend Store lately and the photo above is a 6 point protein fed young buck that dressed out at 150 lbs………………….Pretty Nice we say!!

_Photo above of a 10 point Buck shot opening day dressed at 120 lbs

This old man got him a nice 8 point buck (above)….lucky shot probably….lol

_NICE 8 pound Yellow Cat…perfect eating size

_________BIG Alligator Gar weight of 31 lbs

___Gar was 4ft 9 inches Long

Well you gotta like the results we have seen so far this Fall Season, if you want to get in on the action the Colorado Bend State Park is still open for fishing. So what ya waiting get out to the Bend, if you need bait, gear or get hungry stop by Bad Bob’s Bend Store. were right here in Downtown Bend Texas. We got everything you need……….ALMOST. Hope we see you soon and Happy Thanksgiving Holidays to all you good folks that visit our web site.


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