The month of December was the beginning of what is expected to be an excellent white bass run in the Colorado River and the Bend is the place to be for your fishing fix. At Bad Bob’s Bend Store we have seen quite an assortment of fish being caught including Whites, Strippers, Crappie, Guadalupe Bass, Black Bass, Channel Cats, Yellow Cats some Buffalo and some Gar. The Colorado Bend State Park is the best spot right now but Barefoot Fishing Camp and Sulpher Srings Camp will soon be back open for fishing and are always good spots to catch fish. The bass and crappie have been hitting good on artificial jigs like Roadrunners(chartreuse/white), Rapala Countdowns, Little Fishie’s(grey/charttreuse) and rattletraps. Nightcrawlers have been good for most everything else. Fisherman with small boats have been having good results putting in at the state park and heading out toward the lake. All in all it’s all good for a good time on the river so you need to quit wishing and come fishing and if you need anything at all stop by Bad Bob’s Bend Store in Downtown Bend Texas, We got everything you need..,…ALMOST. Hope to see you soon and thanks for visiting our web-site.

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